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I just talked with a friend in New Zealand. She’s a leader of a recovery outreach project we are working on together. She told me, “God has raised you up, Cheri, for this time.” I had to say, “We are asked to walk alongside each other in our recovery. At times, when I do that, I do it well and at other times I don’t do it well, but God is faithful.” This is an important warning for all of us – not to take on ourselves the trust that only God deserves. We are raised up to speak to each other. We’re raised up to walk alongside each other. We’re raised up so that – when I’m falling down – somebody who’s more spiritual than I am at the time is going to grab me. Or when they’re falling down, I can grab them. We’re not raised up to stand in the position of God to each other. The only One who is faithful, consistently, is God. So, any praise goes to Him, for sure.

My friend got it. She reminded me of God’s promise to pour out His Spirit on us so we can work alongside Him to help bring each other to Him for healing. Like Peter told the people, “Now you must repent and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out, that time after time your souls may know the refreshment that comes from the presence of God” (Acts 3:19, Phillips). In the book, The Great Controversy, it says that as God pours out His Spirit on us and we work with Him, sharing what He says with each other, our faces will be “lighted up and shining” (p. 612). When we walk alongside each other like that, we’ll talk with each other honestly about our stuff, offering God’s healing to each other, and our faces will shine with joy. It literally is because God is doing the work. He’s doing it with the least of us, standing us up, giving us all that kind of cool stuff that comes with standing up for each other.

He takes great joy in healing the least of us, and when He does that He gives us His joy. Like it says in the recovery edition of Steps to Christ, “The more clearly we see that God is crazy about us, the more we’ll trust that He takes deep joy in our recovery and that He can restore us to sanity” (p. 17). The joy of the Holy Spirit is so incredible, we can’t help but say the next thing to encourage each other. No wonder our faces are lighted up!

I say, “Amen! Bring it on! As He uses the least of us, there’s no boasting, only joy.”

Always remember that God is crazy about you…me too!

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