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“Were they from Long Beach?” he asked, hesitating. He looked down at me. His eyes, above his heavy gray beard, looked sad and a little tired. “Yes,” I nodded quickly. A pause, then, in his rough, gentle voice, “Did you know M____?” At that moment I realized he had been there! We had both been there. And we had seen the same darkness.

I had just stepped off the stage after telling my story to an audience of prostitutes, workaholics, alcoholics, regular church folks, drug addicts, and troubled families. It was a recovery weekend in British Columbia, Canada, last month. Two groups of bikers, one called the Sabbath Keepers, were up next to share about their ministry. My new friend, one of the bikers, had sat on the edge of his seat, leaning forward, tears in his eyes, as I shared about the motorcycle gang that had kidnapped me as a young girl. I was one of many girls he had seen that gang abuse. Now he held my hand in his thick handshake and we both teared up. It was incredible for both of us to be standing here, both saved by God who had seen our brokenness and had rescued and healed us. I was so proud of God, I wanted to just kiss Him on the face. Since I couldn’t do that, I kissed this guy instead!

Do you realize it’s because of you that moments like that happen? You’re one of those who follow hard after the One who has freed your soul and captured your heart. You know that there’s no one God isn’t seeking to woo and to heal. And you long to help. It’s because of you that other slaves will awaken to the value of their souls.

Now’s the time.

Join the quest.

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