It will be ok

I was with a friend not long ago. She was recently separated from her alcoholic husband. He just would not change. He was creating drama and trashing everyone’s lives. Since the separation, she has been working hard to re-establish her life. She’s lost her home, all her furniture, I mean, she’s just lost everything. Now she’s standing up, she’s going to school full-time, she’s got two jobs, she’s living by herself, and she’s trying to fit in and look as normal as she possibly can.

But that day, I got a sense that if I could have just held her, it would have been what she needed more than anything. Her face just said, Today, this is tough.

At any point, she could have chosen another drink and she could have escaped this struggle. But she would have died in her addiction. She chose to stand up and to trust God, but that meant she walked away from everything. Everything. And it’s really tough because when people look at her they don’t know that. They don’t sense the struggle. They don’t see with compassion this woman who gave up all she had. I think if they asked, she would say, “I’m grateful for the change. But today is hard.”

That day, she needed to know she was going to be ok, that she was going to survive. She needed to hear someone say it. We don’t say that often enough to each other. I love what the apostle Paul said, “Be kind and always be gentle with each other…just like God is with us” (Titus 3:2, 4).

Kindness. Gentle encouragement. We all need it, some days more than others.

Always remember that God is crazy about you … me too!

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