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Kids who have been wounded or who live with at-risk families especially need to know that Jesus is crazy about them, that He delights in them. We have created a picture book version of Steps to Christ for children to introduce them to Jesus through simple words and heartwarming photographs.

The book is ready to print. People are asking for it! As soon as we have the money for a first printing we can get it into their hands. Will you help us reach these children?


We can do this in 6 months with 100 people giving $27/month!

The need

See the stories below to understand why this book is so needed.

Note: names and photographs are not of the actual children in the stories.

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These photographs made us want to see Jesus for real!

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Miracle From the Streets is an incredible vindication of who God is and His ability to heal. It could be any of our stories. It specifically talks about healing from early molest, abandonment, drug abuse, homelessness, and countless other issues. This book has been used by mothers and fathers to reach their children lost in drug addiction. It’s been used in prison ministries throughout the world to reach those behind bars, not only physically but emotionally. It’s been used as an outreach tool in numerous countries to bring hope to many thousands whose desperate situations have complicated some horrendous injuries. We at True Step Ministries have numerous testimonies from those who have had a life-changing experience through the message of this book, giving them courage to stand up and celebrate their lives.


It’s time to print more and we need help to cover the cost. You can be responsible for making this life-changing story of God’s love and power available to those who desperately need to hear that He is crazy about them and can restore them to sanity!

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100 people X $10/month X 10 months.
Piece of cake!

Steps to Christ, recovery edition, is a modern version of the classic book about the way God heals us, restores us to sanity, and brings us out of our compulsions and addictions. This faith-based message is spoken in a 12 step language which the secular community knows.  Everywhere Cheri speaks, this book sells out. The way this book has been used already surprised even us at True Step. We’ve gotten feedback from teens, college students, prisoners, church leaders and members, and definitely folks looking at walking out of their addictions and surrendering to a God who knows all their junk and can restore them.

We’ve had this book printed in Australia and the U.S., but within a few more months we need to do another printing. Will you help us get another 5000 of these books into prisons, small groups, and homes that need  Jesus to help them step into recovery?

Help reprint Steps to Christ, Recovery Edition!