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New radio program LAUNCHING March 2015

Cheri Peters travels all over the world and meets the most incredible people. On Celebrating Life with Cheri and Friends she will introduce many of them to you. Some are just waking up, stepping into recovery for the first time, and learning – through the help of God – to use their testimonies, passions and gifts to help others. Others are fully involved in ministry and are changing the lives of all those around them.

As you meet Cheri’s friends we hope you will be inspired. You may even want to share your story!

Join us each week on Celebrating Life with Cheri and Friends!


Crossroads is a worldwide radio program, hosted by Cheri Peters on 3ABN Radio Network and affiliates. On this program, Cheri interviews guests who have incredible stories of recovery from every kind of dysfunction out there including anger, depression, molest, sex addiction, abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, self-injury, and many others.

The amazing thing about these stories is how God rescues people from all this junk and the way He heals them. You will be inspired by the ministry each person has found as they moved through their recovery.

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