Cheri Peters is the host of Celebrating Life in Recovery, aired internationally on 3ABN TV. On this television program we boldly face the fact that things are not ok in our lives. Even the “normal” population struggles with deep issues. Divorce, anger, depression, traumatic stress, grief, resentment, perfectionism, eating disorders, workaholism, and other dysfunctions reveal that something isn’t right inside. Others battle the darker issues of addiction to drugs and alcohol, abuse, molest, suicidal thoughts, and self-injury.

To make matters worse, especially within the church, we don’t want to talk about this stuff. And that’s a problem because if we don’t talk about it, if we don’t acknowledge it to ourselves, each other, and God, we can never escape the mess or heal. Healing happens in relationship. We need to stop hiding, stop pretending everything is fine. We need to strip off the facade and say it out loud.

God says, “I know about all your junk and I want to heal you anyway” (Isaiah 57:18). He says He delights in our recovery. As Cheri reminds viewers on every show, “Always remember that God is crazy about you…me too!” God wants to give us a life so incredible that we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

On this show Cheri and her guests open up and talk about their stories and struggles. They talk about how God rescued and healed them and stood them up to minister to others.

Don’t get lost in your addictions. You don’t have to fight this battle alone. Come join us.

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Celebrating Life in Recovery is aired on both 3ABN and Dare to Dream. Program times are shown below.

Mondays, 12AM and 6PM MST

Wednesday, 1AM MST

Thursday, 10AM MST

Sunday through Friday, 1PM MST