Cotton Candy Skies

When I was a kid, around 10, I felt so lost and unloved. Well, except by Uncle George. He was my Auntie Kay’s son. Auntie Kay was my life-saver as a little girl. Just a few years before, when I was 8, she had killed herself. I remember trying to take my own life after that … but that’s another story. Right now I want to tell about this one day with Uncle George.

I was with the family in downtown LA. We had just left China Town. I loved it. I found myself drawn to a group of people, young and old, throwing money into a beautiful fountain. I was shocked. I wanted to jump in and grab the money. “What are they doing?” I asked Uncle George.

He said, “Didn’t you know that you could make a wish and toss a coin into the fountain and your wish will come true” I looked at him with suspicion and grinned. I was already pretty hardened. I didn’t dare to dream about anything, really, or hope in silly wishes. But he looked sure of himself and handed me a quarter. As I walked over to the fountain, I was almost afraid. Do wishes come true for girls like me? Can I hope for anything a cool as this? I hardly dared to throw the coin in, but Uncle George put his hand on my shoulder as if to say it’s ok to hope.

I shut my eyes, threw the quarter and wished for cotton candy skies.

When I opened my eyes nothing was different. The sky was blue with a few wispy white clouds. I felt stupid, really. What was I thinking?

On our way home the sun was starting to set and Uncle George pointed. I looked and couldn’t believe my eyes. The entire sky was splashed with colors – pinks, blues, yellows, and it looked just like cotton candy. For a moment I couldn’t even breathe. Did someone hear me, see me, care about this lost little girl? I eventually took a breath, felt my heart beat, and thought, Yes!

I now look out my back window and frequently see cotton candy skies. I thank God for always loving me, for never giving up on me, even through all those years of pain. He has brought me to healing.

Please trust Him. Throw in your (spiritual) coin. And let Him heal you.

Always remember that God is crazy about you…me too!

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