We’re a non-profit organization reaching out to support people who struggle
with stuff like emotional damage, addictions, and broken relationships.

We also equip churches and the community
to support them in their recovery.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that God is crazy about us. That He can restore us to sanity. That He knows all our junk and delights to heal us anyway. (Isaiah 57:18)
  • We believe as one person heals – gets that “aha” moment – it will spark another’s journey. And another. And another.
  • We believe that healing happens in community and that when a community has that “aha” moment anything is possible.
  • We know there are no quick fixes. But we also know that healing is both possible and within the reach of everyone.
  • We believe in living life to the fullest – actually celebrating life and laughing out loud in your own skin. We have found that with healing comes joy, laughter, and reconnection.

Here’s how we do it.


We spend many hours every day freely mentoring those who request help with their journey of recovery.


We are continually developing new videos, books, recovery programs, and recovery training for all ages.


Cheri speaks around the world, sharing that God is crazy about us. While on location, she mentors those who need help.


We bring wounded kids and adults to STAR Ranch to hang out with us and work with the horses, receive mentoring, and find healing.