Hi, I’m Cheri. When I first stepped into recovery I didn’t think I’d get a day, a week, a  month, a year of recovery. Now after more than 30 years, I am grateful and celebrating life every day. I’ve learned a fair bit on the journey. I hope you find on this site what you’re looking for.

Miracle From the Streets

My Mission

My Story


My Story

For me it’s sometimes hard, even now, to look back on where I came from. I was the second child to teenage parents who struggled with their own addictions, pain, and dysfunctions. They were unable to love me or even provide a safe environment. Because of her own brokenness, my mom survived by taking out her hatred and anger on me. My dad was caught molesting me for the first time when I was three months old. I have no idea what it feels like to be in a normal home with parents who love you or have your best interests at heart…


Celebrating Life in Recovery

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on 3ABN Radio Network

International Speaker


Cheri is the host of this popular international television program which looks face-on at recovery issues. Now in it’s 10th season, on this show, Cheri’s guests share their recovery stories and she provides specific teaching to help viewers with their own journey to wholeness.

Crossroads is a worldwide radio program, hosted by Cheri where she interviews guests who have incredible stories of recovery from addiction and every kind of dysfunction.

These amazing stories about how God rescues people, heals them, and stands them up in ministry are inspirational.

Cheri speaks to audiences around the world about recovery from abuse, dysfunction and addiction. She shares a God who is real, who sees us, who is crazy about us, and who delights our recovery. She also encourages the churches to provide a safe place to discover God who changes us for His own sake (Isaiah 43:25)!

Miracle From the Streets is the story of how God rescued Cheri from a life of abuse, neglect, and addiction. God is Crazy About You! is the sequel and shares many facets of God as He works with people. Steps to Christ, Recovery Edition, shows the heart of God who delights in your recovery and encourages you to accept His healing, to laugh out loud in your own skin. Now that’s recovery!